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Mujer Madrileña - Madrid, Spain. 2014 ©ChristinaTinTinMuller

Sharing the load.

#Barcelona #graffitti

A few words.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Instagram pics. I have to say I was a skeptic at first about this massively popular app, but for some, it’s a great tool for showing works in their draft stages or just capturing quick inspiration. I wouldn’t consider any of these final pieces, but I really like that it’s like a notebook… sort of. I can just take a quick pic, save it for later viewing, get feedback from those who are interested in sharing it, and take all these things that one picture provides into account when it’s time to make a new body of work.

I’ll be seeing you -Billie Holiday #typography
(it’s a work in progress…)

Beautiful light on my desk at work <3

Fun evening sculpting these lil dudes… I wonder what i’ll use them for…

a doodle a day keeps the brain awake #work

which glasses seem most profesh for the big meeting? #work

sometimes i dont even know what word it looks like… more practice i think.

" To love beauty is to see light. "

- Victor Hugo

A light left on - Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2014 ©ChristinaTinTinMuller

PS: Any thoughts on the watermark??

Summer heat subsiding - Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 2014 ©ChristinaTinTinMuller